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Owing to innovating technologies you will be able to write faster and with more quality. Emphasize your style by means of our specific design.

With the purpose of satisfaction of your needs, on the basis of Mitsubishi Pencil, we achieved the highest standards of Quality, Design, Innovation and Technologies. The result of this is none other than perfect qualities of the entire line of UNI products. It makes no difference are you a student or a specialist; you write at the desk or on the run; TM UNI products will provide comfort writing any time any place. Developed with due regard for all your needs UNI products implement our motto: “Quality is the best service”. Find out image of the product to know the details.

List of the products
pct:uni-ball Signo 207 uni-ball Signo 207
pct:uni-ball Signo uni-ball Signo
pct:Jetstream Jetstream
pct:Vision elite uni-ball Vision Elite
pct:Vision Needle uni-ball Vision Needle
pct:Power Tank Power Tank